Lead recycling near Brisbane

We will help you get rid of your lead

Industrial Metal Services buys all types of scrap lead from a variety of sources. No matter how small or large of a quantity you have, we will buy it from you. If you are a business owner who produces lead scraps on a regular basis, give us a call, and we will pay you and help clear out your space at the same time.

Why sell scrap lead to us

Our company has over fifteen years of experience backing us up. We offer the best prices on scrap metal in the area. Give us a call today or stop by our location just south of Brisbane for more information.

Scrap lead for the best price

We buy scrap lead and offer the best price in the area. Whether you are carrying around unwanted lead acid batteries or some other form of lead, we will beat out any other price.

Keeping yourself safe around lead

When properly handled, the lead in metals is not a safety concern. It is when lead enters our bodies that it poses a risk to our health and safety. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and to use the right equipment when dealing with lead. Do not cut lead without wearing a respirator to keep it out of your lungs.

We offer the best prices on scrap metal