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Industrial Metal Solutions is your one-stop destination for scrap steel recycling. We offer the best prices in the area on all types of metal. Our customers range from industrial to commercial and everyone in between. For friendly service with a fast turn-around time, choose the leader in scrap metal buying and recycling. Give us a call today or stop by for more information.

The basics of steel recycling

Steel recycling can be summed up as the collection and melting of discarded, leftover steel for the purpose of reusing it in various applications. This process is extremely valuable to numerous industries all around the world. It is also beneficial for the environment as a whole.

The energy that is required to find, mine and create products from new steel is significantly greater compared to simply recycling or reusing scrap steel. That is why companies and businesses use a large portion of recycled steel in manufacturing and creating their new products. In fact, to smelt new steel ore in a blast furnace the temperature needs to be about 2800 degrees Fahrenheit. It is smarter all around to use recycled steel.

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We will buy your scrap steel and pay you the best price around for it. While steel prices depend on a number of factors, you can rest assured that you are getting the best price in the industry by selling to us.

Supply & demand of scrap steel

The higher the demand for scrap steel, the more we can pay you for it. This is based on both interstate and global market factors. We have years of experience to back us up which is why we have become a leader in the scrap metals industry. Give us a call today or stop by our location for more information.